o mnie- Ang

I had been carving in wood for many years. These sculptures often focused their interest on themselves. They confined their functions to aesthetic sphere.
For some years I have been creating a cycle of sculptures in substance and form different then previous ones.
I think that protecting one’s own personality is important to keep consciousness of choice between good and bad.
Although an individual is not able to do much, everyone should try to make the world better. Catastrophism of past century, as well as of nowadays, does not consist only in a mass extermination of bodies, but in worse – minds’ mass violation.
Being cold-hearted, cowardness, hypocrisy, corruption – these are not features, which human being inherited. Man, who can do anything, often causes death someone else’s or his own. Reality reminds that often it is necessary to save human from himself. Although he is already the master of nature, he must explore himself to become the master of his fate.

I’d like to invite everyone for a moment of reflection.
Thank you for all observations.
Czesław Szyc